Time to make a dream come true, hands to work on our first business plan.


All done, our brand is born and we launch our first presentation of organic pulverized panela.


We begin our journey of internationalization with our first export. We also accomplished our first organic certification for EEUU and Europe.


The family grows, a new entrepreneur partner joins the ship.


We strengthen exports, new packaging and presentations are born, new members join the team.


¡We keep growing! Connect more with our community and we launch our virtual store.

Our Story
¿Who we are?

We are an agribusiness company that transforms the panela into a premium organic food to generate a triple impact: social, environmental and the well-being of our consumers.

Under our productive alliances model, we work hand in hand with farmers who are committed and passionate about the art of panela, thus transforming their quality of life with fair prices and sustainable market proposals for their production.

Our certifications

Our organic certifications ensure the production and marketing of our organic panela under ecological and environmental standards, from the field to the final consumer.

Our Farmer

When you enjoy our organic panela, you directly contribute to the well-being of hundreds of families dedicated to producing the best premium organic panela in Colombia.

Origin: Pueblo Rico, Risaralda