¿Why consume
our organic panela?


You’re consuming a product made with love and all natural ingredients, free from chemical agents, pesticides and insecticides which damage the ecosystem.


You support the work of our farming families that with effort and dedication give birth to this wonderful product.


Our organic panela is a natural sweetener which can replace the refined sugar and artificial sweetening agents in all kind of preparations.


Besides being a sweetener, the panela is a food that preserves the properties of the sugar cane as it does not have a refining process.


Thank’s to our powdered and liquid organic panela presentations, it is easier than ever to use it in your culinary preparations.


Forget about preparing only panela water! Evolve with us and give a magical touch to your drinks, desserts, breads, sauces and much more.

Get to know
our process


After cutting the cane it is transported to the milling área.

Juice extraction

The cane is processed in a mill to obtain the juices that will be used for the production of Panela, the remaining bagasse goes through a drying process and is used as fuel for the oven or organic material to fertilize the land.


In this stage, all impurities are removed from the cane juice by adding balso, cadillo or guásimo of organic origin.

Dehydration and concentration

The hot juices extracted from the cane are passed from one pan to another above 90º, evaporating the water, obtaining the honeys at its ideal point to mold in the desired presentation, powder or block


To obtain pulverized panela, the honeys are manually beaten until it pulverizes by itself while it cools. In the case of solid panela, the honey is only deposited in the molds


Being pulverized and cold, the panela is passed through a sieve according to the desired grain size.

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